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About us:

The give back campaign southern Indiana was started by Cody Brummett, an Emergency Medical Technician in Indiana, Cody has been a EMT since 2014 and loves helping the community. This campaign started in June 2023 and as of August 2023 it has helped 2 families, with a Goal to help a minimum of 1 family a month. The logic of the give back campaign is just that, we encourage giving back when a family is able. the families that are selected have had life events that caused unexpected loss of income or increase in debt, we aim to help families that are employed and just need that little extra help for whatever reason, families are not required to assist with our cause but are encouraged to assist if they are able in the future.

How we are funded?

We are privately funded from the founders personal income when its possible, and any donations we receive.

How do we use are funds?

We give 100% of donations to the selected family based on their need, we experience fees from the donation platforms we use GoFundMe and Square.

Why do we do it?

Our family has experienced being in need and knows that feeling of not knowing what to do, and if we can make the stress less for at least 1 family its all worth it.

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how to contact us:

Phone call or text: (812)604-3534

Email: contact@thegivebackcampaign.org